Dive Shop

The equipment and gear we sell in our Dive Shop

In our store you will find products from the most reliable manufacturers in the world of scuba diving & snorkeling. Additionally, we are official dealers for the following brands:



Sotiriou Dive center is the official representative of Scubapro in Greece. We provide high-end equipment that satisfies even the most demanding of users.

SCUBAPRO's MK25 S600 is the ultimate regulator combination for passionate divers who appreciate flawless performance and total relaxation. Ease of breathing is the essence of this ultra-high air flow balanced system, adaptable to all diving conditions and to the preferences of demanding divers. Click here to see products of Scubapro.



Manufacturer of underwater communications systems.  We regularly use the SSB-2010 unit, in conjunction with the full-face Supermask by Kirby-Morgan, in various commercial projects.  In calm seas, the unit has a range of about 1,000 meters.

In addition to the above, you will have the option to fill tanks with air / nitrox / trimix, service your diving gear (wetsuits, regulators & tanks) and also, go on spearfishing trips.

We are licensed to conduct authorized technical servicing to all products of Scubapro, following the standards set out by the brand.