About us

Βαγγέλης Σωτηρίου

Vangelis Sotiriou - Founder:
IANTD Nitrox IT • 4* CMAS Instructor • BSAC National Instructor

Vangelis first went into dive in 1968 and started teaching scuba diving in 1978. He was a member of the diving team that first explored the underwater cave system of lake Vouliagmeni in 1978 (one of the biggest in the world).  He is in Athens most of the time while he visits Santorini during summer time.

Τούλα Σωτηρίου

Toula Sotiriou - General Manager:
Recreational diver

Toula has tirelessly supported her husband Vangelis for years on end by running almost everything not directly related to instruction, most notably the shop.  If you happen to call in, she will most likely be the gentle lady to help you out with whatever you need!

Μάνθος Σωτηρίου

Manthos Sotiriou - Manager of Volcano Dive Center:
IANTD Nitrox-Technical Nitrox instructor trainer • Trimix -Rebreather • PADI MSDT

Manthos is the Manager of Volcano Dive Center in Santorini. He started dive at 1988, he went on to become a professional instructor in 1995 and he continues teaching to this today. He is also responsible for the Underwater Works Department of the business.  During his military service he served in the underwater operations unit of the Army Special Forces (135th School).

Αλέξανδρος Σωτηρίου

Alexander Sotiriou - Manager, Sotiriou Dive Center:
3* CMAS Instructor • IANTD Nitrox/Trimix/Rebreather IT • IANTD Cavern and Wreck IT • DAN Adv O2 Provider Instructor • PADI OWSI

Alexander is a passionate diver with a very robust and extensive knowledge of the subject.  He is the Manager of Sotiriou Dive Center in Athens where you can find him when he is not travelling abroad.  He is in charge of advanced instruction (Rebreathers, Trimix diving, Wreck/Cavern diving). During his military service he served in the underwater operations unit of the Hellenic Navy.


Ralf - Mascot:

Ralf is our alert Pointer in charge of shop security.  He, or his snoring, has greeted visitors to the school for over 10 years now!