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"Thalassitis Submerged 2010" or "Thalassitis Sunk"

About wine

In 2009, Gaia Wines (Gaia Oinopoiitiki) in collaboration with Volcano Dive Center made a bold venture-experiment: the sinking of 450 bottles of ''Thalassitis wine" in an underwater pantry in the sea area of Santorini island. At 25 meters depth the effect of oxygen is zero and thus its role in the aging of wine, nonexistent. Unfortunately, the first harvest of 2009 has been claimed by Poseidon and he consumed 447 bottles of the original 450. This means that practically only 3 bottles survived. Fortunately in 2010, the sea god was more lenient and allowed 258 bottles to reach us, the mortals. The good news does not stop here, as 3 bottles of the 258 "emerged" a short while ago in our cellar.

The "Thalassitis Submerged 2010» is aged for five years in absolute oxygen-free conditions in the temperatures of the Aegean seabed. It is a rare wine from all points of view, while it can be a fetish for every self-respecting wine lover.

Its color has a touch of gold and it exudes aromas of tobacco and petrol, while any oxidation trace is missing. Tasting refers to a wine with fresh features with soft corners, but has the durability that gives it the 5-year aging undersea.

Gaia Wine Project
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Thalassitis Submerged