Our Projects

Project Britannic 1997:
The 260m long vessel (sister ship of the Titanic, but bigger by about 10%) served as a hospital ship during WWI.  It sunk 2 miles off the coast of Kea (or Tzia) in Greece during its trip from England, to the island of Lemnos.  The cause of her sinking is not known with certainty:  She either struck a mine or was torpedoed.  She is lying, nearly intact, on her starboard side at a depth of 120m, regarded to be the best technical dive wreck in the world.  We organised the first modern dive project of the Britannic in November 1997 (Jacques Yves Cousteau dived before us in the 70's).

Tsivlos Lake Exploration 1999:
Tsivlos Lake is between Egio and Kalavrita, at 700m altitude.  Due to an earthquake, houses from the village lying next to the lake were submerged into it, in the early 1900's.  Divers can see oak trees standing on the bottom of the lake and parts from the destroyed houses.

Project Blue Holes 2002:
The Blue Holes is a system of underwater caves in the Bahamas.  There are also a few inland water filled caves.  Although it is not proven, they are presumed to be interconnected.  Most of them have not been explored yet due to the great depth (usually deeper than 50 meters) and the strong currents generated by the changing tide.

Professional Underwater Video and Photography:
Professional quality underwater video can be produced on demand.

Commercial Projects:
These represent a separate branch of our business.  The kind of work we do includes salvage works, pipe and cable laying, underwater construction, inspections, video and photography. 
Max. Operating Depth : 120m.

Gaia Wine Project

In collaboration with Gaia Winery company, we created an undersea "cellar" for wine aging. Click the title to read more. 

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The Antikythera Shipwreck (circa 60 B.C.) is the richest ancient wreck ever discovered, for more information chick here http://antikythera.whoi.edu/

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